Exchanging links! And stuff

Welcome to a brand new edition of the Ichi News Network magazine, the most trusted (and only, actually) news source of the ichiverse. Today is Friday, and as the staff is about the enter the weekend, we thought you'd appreciate some of the latest happenings. So grab your issue, sit comfortable (perhaps in a corner of the Midnight Pub?) and enjoy!

Midnight Pub

Let's exchange badges!

The Internet is a vast place. With a lot of websites. Not all of them are great. But some are. Like yours, for example. Yes, yours. If you are reading this, I'm pretty sure you have a great website, right? I knew it! So let's exchange badge[2]!

Exchange badge

The badge needs to be a 88x31 pixel image. If you don't have one yet, have a look at MERP Draw:


Other news

The Yesterweb started a radio! Go check it out!

Yesterweb's radio

That's all, thanks for reading!


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