MERP just released "Bookmark"

MERP just released a brand new software in its Internet Suite, and here at Ichi News Network, we wanted to be sure to review it properly. You probably already know MERP for its famous DRAW software. A software that allows anyone to DRAW pixels on the screen and go up to FOUR different colors. They've proven their capability at delivering incredibly value-added software for free, and today, they don't disappoint with their latest release.

According to MERP, MERP Bookmark is a software that:

allows you to create HTML pages that can be imported as bookmark with a web browser.

But what does it mean exactly? We've decided to dive deeper and see everything that's behind it.

When we first open MERP Bookmark, we're presented with two textarea and an instruction manual. As always, we can directly sense MERP quality. The manual is clear and the font is readable. We can say without any doubt that it's a technology that cares about its users and that puts user experience first.

The way it works is so straightforward that even if you are tired at 3am you would still be able to create a bookmark page. However, I must stay that I would have prefered for MERP to provide an illustrated manual rather than only a text manual. Illustration are useful. I wish I could see drawing that could explain me exactly what to do to create a bookmark HTML page.

After a few back and forth with MERP's support team, we finally understood how it all works. Write links on the first textarea preceeded by a title, like that:


Then -- and this was were we got confused -- press "generate". And watch the magic happen. The second textarea gets populated with HTML. Yes. HTML. And not any kind of HTML. It's HTML that can be imported as bookmark in your web browser.


We decided to make the previous statement a title, just to emphasize it. It's definitely one of the greatest technical achievement of MERP Bookmark. Once someone creates a page with the resulting HTML, that page can be:

All of a sudden, all the links are available on your bookmarks menu. Looking for an example? Here's a list of all my favorite pages:

Thanks for reading this news bulletin, which was sponsored by MERP Internet Suite.


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